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Multiple Teams · Howard Warrior Football Round-Up vs Lancaster

Howard Warrior Football Round-Up vs Lancaster
The Howard and Lancaster Football teams played each other this week.

7th  Green Team
Howard – 8, Lancaster – 32
The Howard A team opened up the game with a great scoring drive with a touchdown pass from Jalen Kitna to Steven Torres.  The offense moved the ball but never seemed to really get it going enough to punch in another touchdown.  The defense battled all night with great effort and toughness.  Unfortunately, Lancaster outscored the warriors in the end with a long run and some long passes for touchdowns.

7th  White Team
Howard – 6, Lancaster – 19
The Howard B team put up a great effort against Lancaster Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, they came up short.  Howard kept it close with a touchdown from Shawn Cherry, but Lancaster pulled away in the end.

8th  Green Team
Howard – 20, Lancaster – 18
The Howard A team had a game for the ages last night.  The entire offense executed the plays very well.  Credit goes to the offensive line for great blocking.  Fabian Becks had a great game at running back scoring two touchdowns.  Jeremiah Sanchez threw a pass to Ayron Carson for the third touchdown.  The Howard defense, led by Jacob Cruz, was relentless all night.  They bent but never broke.  Jeremiah Sanchez made an interception that put the dagger in tigers heart to seal the game.

8th  White Team
Howard – 0, Lancaster – 26
The Howard B team had a bit of a struggle last night against Lancaster.  Howard never seemed to get much going on offense.  The defense battled, but couldn’t hold of Lancaster for long.  Lancaster pulled away in the 4th quarter with a couple of touchdowns.  Standout players for Howard that really gave it their all the whole game were, Colby Beyer and Brian Mackel.